by Gary Seeman, Ph.D.

Scientific psychology cannot fully explain spiritual mysteries. Parapsychology has made important advances but is often unfairly debunked by rationalists who ignore repeated findings of well-controlled experiments. But no pronouncement of science can deny that spirituality and religion are crucial inner realities for many people. As someone interested in the connections between science and mysticism, I have been exploring the subtle energy aspects of the spiritual journey. 

So welcome to my new blog on this important subject. I’m establishing this blog as an integral part of my new book project about psychological experience and the human aura. I’ll be giving equal weight to each, so this will be a place to explore experience as well as energetic principles that help make that experience happen. I’ll develop the book by first writing segments in this blog. Then I’ll bring those together in articles that will preview the book chapters.

I invite you to join me in this exciting journey and welcome your comments and suggestions.